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  • new page Chapter 2: Functions
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: Contents[show] Ways of creating a function[edit] Edit There are two ways of creating named functions. Local functions, local function hello() end...
  • new page Miscellanous
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: Contents[show] Material Property[edit] Edit The material property contains 9 Enum values. Plastic Wood Slate Concrete CorrodedMetal DiamondPlate...
  • new page Coloring a Brick
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: First, we're going to edit the BrickColor property. So after the period we add BrickColor. game.Workspace.WedgePart.BrickColor Next, we're going to...
  • new page WedgePart Properties
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: Every object has properties. All the properties can be viewed on the class page. For an example, check the class page of WedgePart. Accessing These...
  • new page Instance
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: Instance is a table that contains all the objects you can find when you open up Roblox Studio and go to Insert -> Object. Instance creates a...
  • new page Mathematics
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: You can use a variable to hold mathematics, pretty much like algebra! Then you can print the variable into the output window and there's your math...
  • new page Variables
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: First of all, what is a variable? A variable is something that holds data. You can have Numbers, Strings, Booleans and Objects. You know what a...
  • new page Using basic Scripts
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: Roblox's scripting language is their version of Lua. We call it RBX.lua (Short for Roblox Lua). It's not LUA, it's Lua. Lua is not an acronym and...
  • new page Basic Scripting
    created by Kurtweber002
    New page: Before you go to specializing scripting you must know how to learn on basic scripting first script is Called "Print" many people said what's print...
    Summary: i have change anything
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by TimmyQuivy


    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Scripting in Roblox Wiki as part of the FAN... 

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